Award-winning photojournalist Daniel van Moll was born in 1978 in Duesseldorf, Germany and started photographing at the age of twelve when he got his hands on his first camera, a Canon EOS1, and never really stopped. In the early stages of his career, he worked as a host and producer for NBC Universal, and he has lived in San Francisco, Berlin, and Duesseldorf. He is currently based in Munich, Germany.

Before Daniel focused on photojournalism, he has produced as both director and executive producer a good number of television documentaries. All in all, he looks back on about twelve years of experience in producing and directing television formats, including documentaries and long-term productions. His responsibilities have included script writing, talent casting, budgeting and the supervision of production and post-production personnel.

 He has also spent a significant amount of time working with NGOs on six continents, documenting humanitarian projects and the work of charity organizations.

Daniel has worked in twelve different African countries, all over the United States, and he also covered the street riots in Turkey in June 2013, the turmoil in Egypt in August 2013, the unrest in Ukraine and Crimea in early 2014, the conflict in Congo, DRC in March 2014, the Guerilla in Colombia in May 2014 and the war in Gaza in July 2014. He has been published in newspapers, magazines, news sites and books around the globe including TIME Magazine (US), Stern Magazine (GER), The Guardian (UK), The Irish Times (IE), NBC (US), Sueddeutsche Zeitung (GER), Focus (GER) and others with exhibitions in Germany, Italy, England, Switzerland and Iraq.

In 2012, Daniel made humanitarian and conflict photography the core theme of his work and contributes as a freelancer to newswire services like Getty Images, Corbis, AP, AFP, Zuma Press, Sipa and Rex Features. Affiliated with NurPhoto / FFR.

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